OtherWaste Recycling Process

Metal Melting

We collect Metals scrap like copper, Tin, Solder, Aluminium from various Industries. We melt the copper, Tin, Aluminium separately in Silcarb furnaces. After melting these liquid metals are poured into the cast iron moulds and Ingots will be produced. These Ingots are supplied to metal product manufacturers to make copper wires, copper rods, copper Tubes, copper flats, Aluminim wires & cables, Tin ingots, tin sticks, solder sticks etc.

Plastic Waste Recycling

All collected Plastic scrap & Production waste are separated material wise as PP/HIPS/ABS/LDPE/LLDPE. These items are processed batch wise using Plastic recycling machine to Plastic convert scrap to Plastic Granules. Plastic Granules are sold in the market for making new plastic items used for house as well as industrial applications.

Cable Stripping

Wire-stripping recycling is a common practice to convert scrap copper cables and wires to recycle the copper wire strips. It is a process that involves stripping the copper cable from long strands to make a smaller piece of wire that is usually used for different applications. As stated before, it can be used for a variety of different things including copper cable wiring, copper tubing, and copper pipes among others.

Plastic & Paper Bailing

A baler machine is installed to compact scrap items of Plastic, Steel, Card board boxes & Paper and compress materials into rectangular bales that can be shipped, stored, sent on for further processing, or recycled. They are designed to take similar and dissimilar waste and change them into configurations that are easy to handle and organize. The end result is a maximization of space and optimization of assets.