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is one of the KSPCB authorized
Recycler from Mysore

E-Waste is considered fastest growing waste stream in the world with more than 55 million tonnes generated per annum with India contributing to more than 3 Million Tonnes per annum.

About 95 per cent of India’s e-waste is recycled in the informal sector and in a crude manner.

The plant is one of the most technologically advanced plant in India with highest level of automation in E-Waste and Other Waste recycling.

About NPEWaste

NPEWaste is a new age company in providing eco-friendly, innovative and economic e-waste recycling solutions to create a healthier, digitally inclusive world. Next Generation recycler from Mysore, Karnataka, NPEWaste will be giving back to mother earth by recycling e-waste and other waste items in environmentally friendly manner.

We have installed automatic E-waste recycling plant purchased from China and other machines from India for Plastic scrap, Metals scrap, Carton & Paper Bailer, CRT monitor dismantling and Cable recycling machine.

This plant is the first E-waste recycling plant in Mysore with capacity to recycle 1200 MT of E-waste per annum. We have built a professional team for the recycling activity by appointing well experienced people from recycling field with good technical know-how and with a vision to give back to mother earth Now,

NPEWaste is the only plant in India to recycle all the E-waste and related items under one roof. Along with E-Waste recycling, we also process related processes like CRT monitor dismantling, Plastic waste shredding, Component dismantling, Metals (Tin, Lead, Solder, Copper) melting, Copper & Aluminium cables stripping and recycling, Paper scrap & Plastic scrap bailing.

NPEWaste Management Team

HR Nagendra Rao, MD

Mr. Nagendra is one of the veterans in India PCB Industry with total experience of 36 Years. Founded DMS Technologies in 2008 for proto-type PCB manufacturing which went on to become Top 10 PCB Manufacturing company in India catering to sectors like Automotive, Railways, Medical, Defense, Power Electronics etc. Having worked in complete value chain of E-Product manufacturing from Design, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly to Box-build across the globe, NPEWaste is the way to give back to Mother Earth by recycling Toxic E-Waste.

Prathap HN, Director

Mr. Prathap is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with Masters in Business and Administration from Symbiosis Institute of Business and Management, Pune with specialization in Marketing. With total experience of 9+ years in sales, he has been instrumental in building DMS Technologies as one of the leading PCB Manufacturer in India. He has been involved in Design and Complete Electronic Product Manufacturing through his other vernture UI Solutions India for USA Market. NPEWaste is aimed at solving global problem of Electronic Waste.

Sreenivas MG, GM
(Sales and Administration)

Mr. Sreenivas is one of the veterans in Electronic Waste Recycling in India with total experience of 30 years, having spent last 20 years in Electronic Waste Recycling. He has travelled around the world to understand technologies behind Electronic Waste Recycling and was one of the first to bring E-Waste Recycling technology to India from Europe. He also has experience in Copper Smelting, Plastic and Solder Recycling.

Vinod Kumar Singh, GM

Mr. Vinod is also one of the veterans in Electronic Waste Recycling in India with total experience of 30 years, having spent last 17 years in E-Waste Recycling. He along with Mr.Sreenivas has been instrumental in bringing Electronic Waste Recycling technology in India in early 2005. Being a hands-on person, he has contributed heavily in developing technologies for Plastic, Solder and Copper Recycling with Machine suppliers.